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About Us

Eric Burr

My mother’s parents were raised as sharecroppers and sustenance farmers in rural East Texas, and later became cattle ranchers and independent growers and sellers of produce. Growing up, I spent chunks of my summer vacations with them in Oklahoma, helping with both the ranching and produce businesses. In addition, my father imbued me with a rational concern for environmental sustainability and a love of science, which is why I did my undergraduate work in biology and my graduate work in ecology.

I have worked with two water treatment startups as the team science director and advisor, as a PMP certified natural resources project manager for a Native American woman owned environmental consulting company, and now work as a B2B marketing, business, and technology advisor for an INC 500 marketing and training company.

I have a deep passion for responsible stewardship of the land and our natural resources, for the democratizing power of the internet--especially as a potent tool for entrepreneurs--and for contributing to the spread of an empowering, fact-based understanding of nature and sustainability.

For the past year, I have been developing a project with Aaron (a seasoned entrepreneur, artist, and craftsman), Shannon (a specialist in ornamental horticulture and communications technology), and Tamara (a PhD biologist with expertise in grant writing, animal behavior, and agriculture) to produce the Living Simply podcast as a collaborative venture between Living Simply and Ghostriders Farm, the foundation of Aaron’s and Shannon’s life, passion, and livelihood.

Our objective is to tell our stories and share our experiences in order to inspire others to adopt a more independent and sustainable lifestyle, all with an eye toward building a profitable business that adds value to the lives of its eventual customers and to the communities it’s part of.

Tamara Roush

Tamara’s love of nature drives both her professional and personal life. She has found her experiences in both the private and the public sectors, the field and the lab, as a layperson and as an academic, invaluable in the pursuit of science-based sustainability. The problem is complex, and we all need to work together to find solutions.

With a B.A. in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Ph.D. in Entomology from UC Davis, Tamara has focused primarily on Integrated Pest Management in agricultural systems. The history of agriculture and how we develop the tools in our toolbox from natural processes is fascinating, but also practical. This means she regularly throws the book (and the hoe) at romanticism and mis-information. It also means that sometimes we screw up, and we have to be able to take a hard look at that if we are going to move forward in any meaningful way.

Now that she lives on the farm/nature reserve in Nashville, IL, she is excited and daunted by this new adventure. And she is overwhelmingly grateful to be part of the Living Simply/Ghostriders Farm venture to share our stories.